by Tamar George

This review is from Shirley Andrews: Reborn in Time (Paperback-ebook) In this unusual book Tamar's use of the first person brings the reader into life in Atlantis in an intimate and compassionate way. As demonstrated by the beautiful art on her WEBsite, she is an extremely intuitive and spiritual person. Shirley Andrews, author of "Atlantis: Insights From a Lost Civilization" and "Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future." Shirley told me that many people approached her with similar stories or memories that are in my book.

Tamar answers many questions through past life psychic regression and why is there disclosure now. Why and how did the Atlanteans corrupt the teachings. What did Atlantis look like, what did they do daily in Atlantis? What teachings did they teach? What did they know about healing, science and math? Who were the Gods and Goddesses and the Shining Ones? Who were the Golden Ones? What did the Temples look like, who taught what subject in the Temples. What did the great Pyramid look like and what amazing magic was done there? What were some of the outposts located around the world. What other healing magic did they know? What did they teach when they traveled to the Mayan outpost?

How were the Atlanteans connected to the Celts? Did the Egyptians travel out of their pyramid. How many pyramids did the Egyptians have? Who were these Atlanteans and why did they come to Earth? How did there arrival help? How did it destroy? What can be learned? What is the future of the planet with so many Atlanteans back again?

And why would someone be so driven to take ten years to write a book on her past lives as Persephone in Atlantis, A Druid's daughter in Celtic times, a Mayan ruler and Hatshepsut in Egypt. These lives are not made up, the proof is IN the story that was written. Reborn in Time is the textbook of Humanity. Yes, the Gods that mated with the daughters of men.

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